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Looking for something special to spice up your life and your motoring experience? Then why not switch to new vehicle lighting with a stylish design and brilliant powers of illumination.

Bring a youthful and distinctive look to your car with OSRAM's LEDriving XENARC headlight for the Audi A4 B7 series (2004‒2008).

Brighter, farther, whiter:
OSRAM's first xenon headlight with LED daytime running light functionality

OSRAM has combined two premium lighting technologies to create an innovative solution with an outstanding design. LEDriving XENARC for the Audi A4 B7 series (2004‒2008) is the first full headlight upgrade from OSRAM to offer modern LED daytime running light functionality coupled with a powerful xenon lamp. The LEDriving XENARC headlight delivers a significantly higher level of illumination, a greater luminous range and a whiter light, compared to standard halogen headlights. As well as enhancing the look of their vehicles, drivers are able to identify road signs or spot any potential hazards in their path earlier than ever before. OSRAM is one of the first manufacturers to offer the option of a legal upgrade – without having to significantly reconstruct the front of the vehicle. And there's one more decisive advantage: You don't need to have any special expertise to install the LEDriving XENARC headlight.

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Innovation with style: Xenon + LED

The LEDriving XENARC headlight combines two cutting-edge lighting technologies from OSRAM:

the brilliant xenon light provided by the XENARC ORIGINAL D8S high beam/dipped beam headlights plus the elegant and highly efficient OSRAM LED daytime running light featuring fiber-optic technology. This powerful combo is rounded off by OSRAM ORIGINAL WY21W indicator lights.

A brilliant combination:
up to 110 % more brightness

The LEDriving XENARC headlight throws significantly more light on the road. Thanks to the xenon technology, the headlight delivers up to 110 % more light* than conventional models. This gives you the best-possible visibility in precarious situations.

Greater visibility:
light cone extended by up to 60 meters

Thanks to a 60-meter longer light cone*, the LEDriving XENARC headlight is able to illuminate the entire carriageway, including the side of the road. You enjoy a more relaxed driving experience and can keep everything in your sight.

Enhanced levels of perception:
an up to 40 % whiter light

The LEDriving XENARC headlight emits up to 40 % whiter light*. Shapes are easier to identify, and there is a greater contrast between illuminated objects. Warning and informational road signs are more clearly legible. This results in more light, greater visibility, and a higher level of safety.

*compared with standard halogen lamps.

Upgrading Audi A4 B7 models

The LEDriving XENARC headlight is suitable for all vehicles in the Audi A4 B7 series (2004‒2008) that are currently equipped with halogen headlights.

No additional outlay for extra parts

OSRAM offers drivers the option of upgrading to xenon lights legally and without any expensive remodeling. There is no need to fit automatic leveling or a headlight-cleaning system.

ECE approved

Upgrading to the LEDriving XENARC headlight complies with all legal requirements. The product bears the ECE test symbol that is mandatory for all approved automotive components. Thus, there is no requirement to register the headlights.

Protected by the OSRAM guarantee

The LEDriving XENARC headlight is a high-quality product that has been subject to extensive testing. This is why OSRAM offers a two-year warranty. More detailed information and the exact warranty conditions are available here.

The key data at a glance

For detailed technical information, download the LEDriving XENARC data sheet.

The LEDriving XENARC high-tech headlight:

Do it yourself

Real car fanatics do their own upgrades

Turn the redesign of your car's lighting into a DIY project. Installing LEDriving XENARC headlights on your car is simple and takes less than 90 minutes to complete. The headlights come with a cable harness and detailed installation instructions. The installation can be carried out by a single person. However, you might ask someone to help you disassemble the front apron. After you have completed the installation, we recommend you ask your trusted auto mechanic to check the light pattern produced by the headlight. Should you prefer, your mechanic would also be happy to carry out the entire installation.

movie image

Proceed as follows:

There are only a few steps involved, and you don't need any special tools. Simply follow the directions in the installation video or download the detailed instructions.

Download Installation Manual Download Installation Manual Download Installation Manual

Useful information at your fingertips

Legal requirements

  • Is it legal to operate LEDriving XENARC headlights on public roads in Europe?

    The LEDriving XENARC headlight complies with R98, R87 and R48 regulations, making it legal to install and operate this product in Europe.


  • Does upgrading to this headlight require any other reconstruction work?

    No further remodeling necessary in order to use our 25W XENARC technology. It is not necessary to install a headlight-cleaning system or automatic leveling.

  • Can drivers perform the upgrade themselves?

    Any technically competent person can carry out the upgrade.

    We recommend you ask a second person to help you disassemble the front apron. People with little experience in such work should ask their auto mechanic to perform the upgrade.

  • Are any special tools needed for the installation work?

    You will need a ratchet extension to remove the front apron and the headlight.

    You can remove all other screws with a Torx bit, screwdriver and wrench.

  • How can I remove the 10-pole connector from the original headlight?

    Use a screwdriver to carefully loosen the connector.

  • The headlight isn't positioned correctly after installation or the gap dimensions are wrong. What can I do?

    Loosely attach all the screws, position the headlight in the center, and then tighten all the screws evenly.

  • Do the headlights need to be adjusted after installation?

    The light pattern produced by the headlights needs to be checked by an authorized auto mechanic.

  • Can I expect to get error messages from the vehicle's on-board electronics system after the upgrade?

    Replacing the headlights will not trigger any error messages.

  • Why is the installation of the OSRAM LEDriving XENARC not possible for Audi A4 B7 with already fitted xenon headlights?

    The OSRAM LEDriving XENARC is only suitable for cars fitted with halogen headlights in their original equipment as the headlight is specified and approved for a 25W xenon lamp. The advantage of this 25W xenon lamp lies in the fact that no automatic headlight range adjustment and headlight cleaning system is needed. This means that no further expensive modifications are required on the car during refitting.

    The OSRAM LEDriving XENARC does without electronics and mechanics for automatic headlight range adjustment, so no unnecessary components are installed.

    Most cars fitted with xenon headlights in their original equipment are designed for 35W xenon lamps. These headlights require automatic headlight range adjustment and a headlight cleaning system. Due to this, other than different wattage, headlight range adjustment is another reason why cars fitted with xenon headlights in their original equipment are not compatible with the OSRAM headlight.

    With regards to cars themselves, the pin assignment of the OSRAM LEDriving XENARC is not compatible with the original equipment version of the Audi A4 B7 xenon headlight.


  • Do the headlights feature a cornering function?

    No, the headlights do not have a cornering function.

  • My headlights fog up on the inside. Is this normal? What can I do about it?

    Moisture can penetrate the headlight when driving in wet conditions or through the use of high-pressure cleaning equipment. A moderate amount of fogging does not indicate a problem with the quality of the headlight.

    As fogging can also occur during the transitional period between the seasons, it should be regarded as a normal occurrence. In most cases, air circulation will ensure that it disappears again within a short period of time.

    The most common cause of fogging in vehicle lighting is the incorrect use of high-pressure equipment when cleaning the car. We recommend that you never point the water jet directly at the headlights and maintain a minimum distance of 30 cm between nozzle and car.

General Questions

  • I am not an Audi A4 B7 driver. Are there any OSRAM Xenarc headlight upgrades for other models available?

    We are constantly working on broadening our LEDriving XENARC portfolio to include other models, where sensible. Send us your suggestion, including car brand, model and year of manufacture to

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